How to Meet Our Dogs!

We need an approved application for you to meet our dogs, so here is what you need to do:

1.)  Be sure to view the dogs profile(s) AND be sure to view our policies at

2.)  Email for an application for a meet and greet.  We will immediately email you that application.  Follow the instructions in the application.  When completing the application, be sure you answer all questions in detail.  General answers such as “whatever you suggest” or “whatever is needed” are not accepted.

3.)  Go to to pay the $20 application fee (use when prompted), email the application to

4.) will immediately notify Georgia Poodle Rescue when your application fee is sent and we will immediately begin review of your application and contact you shortly thereafter.

5.)  With an approved application, all human and dog residents of your household will be asked to come to Alpharetta/Milton for a meet and greet.  We ask that you dress casual as we will be outdoors showing the dogs so you can run and play with them… must be good and it must be daylight.  We show dogs seven days a week and customize the time and day for each meet and greet.


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