Lost and Found

Found a dog?  Always have the dog scanned for a microchip at a veterinary office and contact the person listed on the microchip first, even if the dog is wearing ID, because many times a dog is wearing outdated, incorrect, or no ID information. All of our adopted dogs have microchips, and we keep our name’s name as the primary contact on the microchip so if you find a dog with our microchip, then please contact us immediately.  This helps us determine compliance with our contract and is for the safety of the dogs.  We also adopt non-poodle or poodle mix breeds.  If you find any animals with a microchip listing us as the contact, please contact us immediately so we can tell the adopter their animal was found and/or so we can quickly pick up the dog from animal control or the person.  Contact us at 678 624 0444 or georgiapoodlerescue@gmail.com or 770 490 1187 and leave your name, phone number, description of dog (ie, color, gender, size, breed) and the microchip number if you have it. If you find a poodle, the first step we recommend is to bring the poodle to a nearby vet to be scanned for a microchip, which will help you find the owner.  If there is no microchip, and you do not want the dog to go to animal control but want to find the owner, place posters in the area you found the dog, place ads in the local newspaper, and online and go onto the lost dog web site.   If someone claims the dog is theirs, make them show you the vet records and pictures.  Look up the vet information online and contact the vet directly to verify the information both in their files and with the dog’s owners, as some people will create fake documents just to get the dog from you and then flip/sell the dog to whomever will give them money or worse use the dog as bait in a dog fighting ring, lab experiments or worse.  After you have attempted to find the owner and still cannot find the owner, and you cannot keep the dog contact us for further advice. LOST DOGS UPDATE:  Unfortunately, Sasha’s body was found, hit by a car.  May she rest in peace.  May 19, 2014, Sasha, a black female labradoodle with a white spot on the chest and weighing about 50 lbs escaped from her boarding facility where her adopters boarded her.  This is around the Castleberry Road/Majors Road/Highway 9 location of the Cumming/Alpharetta area involving Cherokee/Fulton/and Forsyth counties.  If you have seen her around anywhere, please contact us immediately at georgiapoodlerescue@gmail.com or the numbers listed above.  Here is her picture.  Please spread far and wide.  We need to help find this girl to reunite her with her owners.