Our Environment

We wanted to have a different type of rescue where the dogs did not sit in small cages in a separate building far away and alone overnight.  Instead, we wanted the dogs to be in a home environment, either in a foster home or with us, where they are allowed to run and play and exercise outside and feel the sun on their faces and grass under their feet several times per day.  Dogs are social pack animals and need this.  In order for them to successfully thrive psychologically, dogs need to see, hear, touch, play and interact with each other.  This is why our dogs are in a highly social environment allowing them to play and interact with each other.

In addition to the customized friendly pyschological training we give our dogs in which the dogs naturally want to please and obey, all our dogs receive socialization with people and with other animals, as well as potty training, basic obedience training and leash training.  Every dog is on an individual grooming schedule and are groomed in many different poodle styles ranging from fluffy body, face, and feet, to closely clipped body, face, and feet, to a combination of various customized styles.  Dogs stay loose in the kennel and while outside under our supervision and when they are sleeping, eating, napping, or when we have visitors, for everyone’s safety, they are in their individual roomy kennels.  We have been practicing this philosophy since 2009 and have been very successful in creating happy, trained and well rounded dogs…………..as our many adopters and repeat adopters testimonials will show.

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