Volunteer Application




Our foster program is on hold until further notice.

Please return this completed form via email to georgiapoodlerescue.com .


First and Last Name:  ________________________________________________________Ages(s):_____

Physical Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:  ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip:  ________________________________________________________________________

Phone: (Home) _________________(Cell Phone)__________________(Work Phone)________________

Email address where we can contact you:  __________________________________________________

Veterinarian Firm’s Name, Number, and Full Address:  _____________________________________________


You must be willing to show us your most updated, valid, Georgia driver’s license to help ensure you actually are the person you say you are.  Are you willing to do this?  ___Yes  ___No

Please complete the following questions so we may ensure we both follow similar philosophies in pet care and ownership.

Past/Current Volunteer Experience:  ______________________________________________________________

How many pets have you owned as an adult?_______________________________________________________ 

Do you have any past/present Violence, Psychological, or Anger Problems?  Y/N  __ __________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have a fence, how often do you let your pets outside unsupervised?  _____________________________


What is the maximum number/breed of dogs you have lived with before? ________________________


Were you the primary caregiver of this dog(s)? Y/N __

Have you ever owned a poodle(s) before (Y/N)?  __ When? ____________How Long? _______________

What breed/size/color(s) were these poodle(s)? _____________________________________________


Do you have existing dog(s)?  Please tell us all dogs and animals you presently care for, including the breeds, sizes, ages, whether they are intact and any other information you feel is important:


What responsibility of care do you have with dogs?  Please describe your experience(s) and let us know what happened to all former dogs.  If your last dog died, please indicate the dog’s name/date deceased. 


Have any of your dogs past/present ever produced or will produce puppies? (Y/N) __

Have you ever sold or had to give a dog/puppies away (ie, to a shelter, rescue group, another person, other) (Y/N)?  __  Please explain why/when.


We have performed considerable research on nutrition for our dogs and feed them a home-made diet along with Spot’s Stew brand dog food.  We would like adopters of our dogs to continue this good nutrition to help keep the good nutritional, psychological, internal and physical health of dogs adopted from us.  What are your thoughts on this?  __________________________________________________________________________


Do you smoke? Y/N)__Smoke Inside?  Y/N __  Smoke Outside Only? Y/N __ Smoke Inside & Outside? Y/N __

Do you plan to allow yourself or others to smoke around GPR’s dogs (Y/N)? __________________________

Are you aware of research/studies showing the dangers of smoking around dogs/animals/people? (Y/N) __

What do you feed your dog(s)?  _______________________________________________________

Are you aware that the following grooming at minimum should be performed at least every six weeks for poodles, which may range up to $150+ every six weeks (hair cut, shampoo, ear hair pluck, hygiene, nail trim, daily brushing) (Y/N)? _____________________________________________________________________________________

What is your experience in grooming poodles?   ________________________________________

If you work outside of your home, what hours do you work? ______________________________________

How far would you be willing to travel to help pick up a poodle in need for us?  __________________________

Do you have good people skills?  Y/N __

Do you have experience working with the public?  Y/N __  In what capacity?  ____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Please place a Y/N near each item you want to volunteer for:

__Assist with fundraising

__Assist with contacting veterinarian offices for discounts

__Assist with contacting companies for sponsorship/discounts on products/services

__Assist with finding low-cost/free facilities to conduct our meetings/seminars

__Assist at animal trade shows/animal fairs/adoption days

__Assist with public relations (radio/TV spots)

__Assist with internet (please tell us your level of HTML experience)

__Assist with picking up dogs from shelters/people and delivering them to appointed destinations

__Assist foster homes during the week with the care of their foster dogs

__Assist with paper work (ie, updating forms, creating documents, mailings, newsletters)

__Assist with phone work (ie, returning calls, interviewing people)

__Assist with pre and post-adoption home visits

__Assist with application review

__Assist with Georgia Poodle Club Incorporated activities (GPR is part of Georgia Poodle Club)

__Assist with seminars/contests/other activities (ie, education, contests, reunions…)

__Assist in transporting animals to/from veterinarian/other appointments.

__Assist in combing, bathing, drying, and/or grooming activities

__Assist in photography

__Assist in evaluations and/or training of dogs

__Assist in researching

__Assist in maintenance activities, ie painting, landscaping, fence repair, maintenance activities, electrical, plumbing, other)

To be eligible for volunteering in many of the aforementioned items, you must be experienced and/or be trained by us.  Are you willing to be trained by us?  Y/N  __

Please let us know your years of successful experience in each item above you indicated a Y for :  ____________________________



Please list the skills you already have that you would like to provide to us, how much experience you have with each skills and how often you would like to provide those skills………even if they are not mentioned above:



Can you or can you recommend someone else who would be a good candidate to be a volunteer / foster home for a poodle/mix in the future?  You-Y/N __   Please let us know who/how we may contact them:  ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Please list your professional and your educational experience:  ________________________________________


Please share with us additional information that you feel is important for us to know:  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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